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tv   [untitled]    June 22, 2013 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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dissolution law that had the underlying agreements where respect to key focus areas are recognized by the state. there's a state process and a state look every 6 months there's a payment schedule where the state reviews the underlying projects and determines whether those can continue. 0 with those determinations we h have achieved it with mission bay and the urban renewal obligation. we want to get more in back to implementation mode. so for the last 10 months we really again focused on the due diligence reviews with every single kind of which money on
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our books. we went through a number of state audits with assistance from the controllers offices to look at what kind of money, what kind of cash we have and can we continue those obligations. so we completed that process in may and we're widely successful in retaining both for affordable housing obligations and community obligations and grant work. the city and county of san francisco was a key beneficiary to those due diligence reviews and we paid to the controllers office 11.5 million so those are one time expenditures.
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the state gets the benefit and they still have the property tax gets through the controller >> that goes to general fund that 7.94? >> the total amount was 7.4 i think there's set aside so maybe 6 million or so that went to the general fund. >> so earlier that fund was for low and moderate housing. is that 7.4 million is that being programmed for that intent or spread anti over the city. are we losing something that was more robust?
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>> of that 11 million 10 and a half million came from the low and middle income housing fund. we were in partnership with the mayors by looking at savings from - and a slow down of future phase of the hunter project in the bay view. we would ask the board and the city and state later. there was about a million dollars as you know, we had a wide-ranging work program on 6ing street and various areas a number of those obligations couldn't continue so we have a number of funds for distribution. there's a question for the board and mayor's office how the use of those funds that go back to
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the general fund >> supervisors i can very briefly answer that in the budget funds are not segregated in those ways. those are appropriated by the mayor and this board. so to allocate it i think ms. howard can speak to the proposed mayors budget though >> supervisor kate director. you'll see in the mayor's office of housing budget 0 later this afternoon there's significant increases inform affordable housing - >> coming from prop c. >> but there's also additional money set aside for the housing. and there's other costs that were set aside that the city is
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now absorbing. like construction management work-related to the hope project. and fund for work for the bay view opera house that was discontinued. and those costs are essentially absorbed in the costs. >> thank you. could it be possible though to provide kind of a controllers work that can provided a year by year showing of what we're paying for across the city last year and this year. so we could measure the impact of the property c and what your overall goals are? >> thank you. and that's something the controllers office can do?
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>> supervisor we can workup a presentation of what you're after we'll need to do some work with the mayor's office and implementation. i think we want to maximize our housing >> he can i say that perhaps we wait until the mayor's office of housing makes their presentation this afternoon and after that the controllers office can augment it. so to close out this particular slide the state department issued a finding of conclusion. it's kind of like a golden ticket whether be certainty city loans can be paid back. we only have one it's on our payment schedule we borrowed to make payments. there are some limited
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unexpected bond precedes we can use for approval prosecute the off-site board and the department of the state finance >> moving on the candle stick i won't go into it but those serve the south east sector of the city. as well as you'll see reoccurring themes here affordability housing creating ladders of opportunity through the develops all the way to workforce housing tints from 180 to 160. specifically the work program in candle stick a little bit touched on we're moving into
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implementation stage where home construction by the private developer will knee caps over 1 hundred units and the implementing departments are working hard to make that happen. this first slide is the hilltop at hunters. we're partnership r with our other departments to have the work done. the 70 infrastructure site working with other state agencies in the navy to transfer land as development happens. grant work pelosi was structural in getting several millions of dollars to help with the collaborative work the infrastructure buildings out
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there as well as the inbatteries for green technology. inherent in all the works is providing the opportunities. so monthly we have about $59 mi
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that goes back to paying back the developer for the hospital and other parks and open space development as well as the robust affordable housing projects. we rely on property tax to do so. again community outreach isn't at the core of our mission. in trans bay if you heard the
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planning director and an as he knows the zone two without any opposition whatsoever pretty much from the community well supported the program here. it's about building a new fully sustainable neighborhood of residential and commercial. the zone one parcels and the parcels he see hieltsd are trans california parcels. the property tax from zone one as well as the dispositions those all go to fund the terminal. and this goes to affordable housing as well as the infrastructure work-related to the parks and the new streets consistent with the new corridor
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you heard. here i see the big story here is again, the number of property dispoegsdz for the state owned parcel. a number of them are under construction. have you heard from the lost procedures. each of those developments because there's a mandated period there's no off-site for affordable housing this is provided primarily along the state parcels with an inclusionary part. not all the parcels are departmental parcels. that's right making sure they're mixed communities in those areas
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and, of course, our perspire with our citizens advisory committees and making sure the theme here is sustainable in terms of financing. those new parks are developed through a cd v and you'll see that so it doesn't hit the general fund. this slide here everything's we're doing the one slide is really deceiving. in terms of affordable housing numbers of unit in planning or in construction in those major areas the board approves the transferring of the completed assets and in a number of areas you'll see that throughout the city and huntered view.
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once it complete it will be transferred. while prop c provided some relief didn't make up for all the dollars that were lost. there's some predevelopment and planning work with respect to the europe renewal housing this is flaw
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really going do you think you see the developer housing fees it's coming from the trans zone area and you'll see that pop up again, the use of those revenues for housing in most budgets as well. grant proceeds you've heard about the work in the shipyards. and again, the new bond proceeds are for mission bay.
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our budget in total is about a third and that service is about steady of 1 hundred and i million dollars. our budget including if you happened balances we're able to retain and a third in the infrastructure program. lastly just to wrap up in terms of our total administration budget slightly more than what we had last year. of that the property tax funding is about $5 million. we're constrained by the caps in administrative costs and the department saliva and from him is below last year like 6.1 million. we're certainly doing that robust program with fewer bodies
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down to 50. you'll see in a number of departments budget as a part of this budget the controllers office we rely open p them and the mayors of housing and the city's administrative services division for staffing and as well as the planning department for all this design and infrastructure work we need work and we contracted with the city to do the work. here is the small bids enterprise and the equal opportunity program where there's supplies and contracting from professional services as well as construction really the focus on women the minority and sdanld businesses. so with that i'm available for questions >> thank you.
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colleagues any questions? >> thank you very much for being in front of of us. we don't have any budget analysis >> so okay at this time colleagues we'll break at 1:30 but we do have the building inspection here so why don't we have the d b i come up as well as before we break. >> good afternoon supervisor and controller and budget committee. thank you for letting us to make our presentation before you. my name is tom acting director of building inspection. it's my honor to present our
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budget for the next two years. we're very lucky to have the economic up turn right now as indicated by the 35 - right now i would say to present to you the first slide. first of all, our goal of the department is safe gaud the community by plumbing and other things. the second slide is the budget we proposed to increase our budget to various new program like the soft story green building and others but smart including the new legislation housing authority.
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what they want to assist them and the new condo conversion program. the first slide i want to show you is our manpower. but the see the downturn we decreased our staff 40 percent and we starting to hire our staff, you know, to adjust for the new allow. as you hear from previous did not like planning and others they mention about a number of permit increased substantial but the number of impacts in town is getting more. that's why the inspection getting more complicated.
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the fourth slide if you can see. like i mentioned we also emphasized in the code enforcement operation in our department due to the number of projects increasing in other areas and more generated we doubleor code enforcement staff and also the housing inspector we're trying to have a schedule to june 20th to hire more housing inspectors. we going to hire. and then the filth slide you can see our budget position right now n is increasing depends on the new program we're going to adjust later on.
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either level off or increase our staff. i want to emphasis on the slide number 6 we used the major unit politics in our department is hiring and training and about replacing the new car. we're trying to a propose the new electrical car but we want to get it stations in our building. we opposed to the study to see what is the capitalization plan 40 in our believe and why we have the one stop permit center
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on the fifth floor. on slide 7 i want to emphasis having bilingual service besides the chinese and spanish and also, we have staff that can speak russian or those different kind of language. also to emphasis our department we consider to help the small ambitions and a working closely with the department of small business by raising the fee on the may have last month and also, we have helped the - we have major corridors like gary
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street. and we trying to help the s r o all those to wave the fee to encourage them to come in for any - to go to the bathroom. and one more thing i want to consider to have like noticed you say we have fewer housing inspectors due to people retire or whatever. and we also have, you know, some of the new program. we need to do the code enforcement >> before i end presentation first of all, i need to make
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some announcement. i need to thank my fin manager gail and also my deputy director pamela. and also, we have to approve with the budget analyst to approve the budget. also our department is - we don't take any money from the general fund. that concludes any presentation if you have any questions >> thank you for your presentation and thank you for your work. my office has been talking with the d b i with a lot of issues there are a lot of tenants that are living in single-family homes r that are not designed to handle tenants.
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in the next couple of years we can figure out a way to sought homeowners and bringing the buildings up to code and often the secondary unit are created by the homeowners so homeowners can actually help to afford their mortgages. a lot of houses are underwater. we want to make sure that the homes can be more inhabitual. i want to say that often immigrants that are highly chinese and filipino and they're in secondary unit as well. we have to have a policy that's flexible by neighborhoods and
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citywide that can resolve a lot of the issues. there's building inspector issues and land use issues. i want to work with our office to work with some common ground >> definitely we can work together and resolve it. the best thing is the single-family >> thank you. i wanted to thank mr. hugh i didn't and his staff. there's the in-law section. it makes me concerned with the families are crammed into the garages or behind the garages. i'm hoping that the legislation for the bigger buildings that we
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work on the smaller residential units you mentioned the ada projections how many are there in assisting >> we have two cast certified inspectors. we have the training for the past exam but unfortunately, they changed the exam format and we didn't have the update. also to help the small business generally if they have in constructions that's under ada we have no control but they come
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into our department >> i'm appreciative to the equatable approach for example, with the hardship businesses that are adding the requirements and our efforts to increase the inspections. >> we'll go to our budget analyst report. mr. rose >> mr. chairman and members on page 20 our recommendations is now i've added the ongoing savings and they're one time savings. those refresh my recollection
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would still allow 1.28 million. the department has stated there's no general fund support. we're also recommending that you place a $2,000,467 in reserve and our remedies is that should be released when the department has a spending plan. and all of those funds are orng and again regarding the new lease we recommended a reserve of $2 million that providence to the capital improvements when the